Lostine is an independent lighting and home decor company focused on creating a warm American Modern experience. Lostine was founded by artists Robert Ogden and Natalie Page. The husband and wife duo live and work together in Philadelphia, both sitting at the helm of Lostine, as well as their own lighting companies, RTO Lighting and NPage Studio. Lostine's products are designed and fabricated in its Philadelphia studio, from sketchbook to shipping, everything happens there. Lostine carefully crafts its pieces with the intention to offer objects of honest beauty, and is inspired by a desire to create and live with beautiful things.

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NPage studio

Artist and ceramicist Natalie Page is the creative mind and Principal Designer behind NPage Studio. Natalie started her artistic journey in university, where an introductory ceramics class sparked a life-long passion for the medium that continues to inform her design process today.

Natalie is also the Creative Director and Co-owner of Lostine where she and her husband Robert Ogden of RTO Lighting come together to run the company that designs and manufacturers its own lighting and homewares collections housed in the same building in Philadelphia. In all of her creative endeavors Natalie applies an instinctual approach to design creating objects that balance beauty and utility.

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